Gatien Cosendey

Gatien started his underwater journey in 2013 with a try dive in Bora Bora and took his Open Water Diver course later that year in the cold and dark waters of Lake Leman, Switzerland. He demonstrated an early interest for overhead environments, enjoying ice diving and then cave diving.
The willingness to share his passion with others brought him to take a first instructor class and shortly after a DSLR camera underwater. Since then, he continuously worked on sharpening his teaching and photography skills: they both are efficient tools to enable people to discover the marvelous underwater world.
He is often seen in his yellow SF-Tech dry suit diving Swiss lakes and caves, and enjoy diving caves, mines and wrecks across Europe.
Besides diving, Gatien holds a Master’s degree in Physics and a PhD in Photonics from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and works as an optical engineer in the field of augmented and mixed reality.

Awards and publications


N°4 2022
Map the Gulf

Festisub 2022

Honorable mention

Centre Manor Vevey

August 23 to September 4 2021
Photo exhibition

Delma H2O Photo Contest 2020

Public Prize

Annales Veveysannes

Vol 18, 2020
Diving under Quai Perdonnet and on the Hirondelle shipwreck

Technical Diving International

2023 TDI brand ambassador

Search for Atlantis 2022

OrcaTorch photo contest
3rd place

Dive Tec! Event

August 27, 2021
Photo exhibition

Divesoft 2021 catalogue


N°24, 2019
Diving on the Hirondelle

SANTI Photo Awards

4th place at 2022 contest


N°2 2022
Diving in Långban old iron mine


August 4, 2021
Hirondelle shipwreck and Quai Perdonnet


Published February 6 2020
Ice diving in Lioson


Published online August 26, 2022
Charting Sardinia’s Grotta del Fico

Conférence du Parc

December 7, 2021
Parc naturel régional Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut
Ice diving in Lake Lioson

PADI awards